Riding In and Out

Fiona and her Icelandic mare, Hreyfing arrived today to use the school.


Jo and Tór came along for the ride as well.



Fiona was keen to teach Hreyfing how to lower her head and relax while ridden.  The poles are useful for helping with this.

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And I think Fiona’s smiling face says she and Hreyfing achieved.  As we say, any fool can wind up a horse but it takes a better rider to calm one down.


Meanwhile, Daisy and I went out for a nice sunny day plod on Kappi and Klængur.  BeAnne came along too and was increasingly irritating.  At one stage, she managed a sit-down strike in the middle of the road, which always scares me in case a car turns up.  I think this will be the last time I will take her out on the road if she refuses to keep up.  She was very petulant today.


My little Klængur (pronounced Clang-gur) has achieved happy chappy status.  He is just the horse for me.  Slow if I want or speedy if I ask.  His brakes are impeccable and his manners are perfect.  We have achieved and have both benefited from the re-training.  I have learned how Klængur thinks and he has learned to trust me.  We are now communicating.




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