I spent the morning in hospital visiting Mum and then, in the afternoon, Floss and I went to possibly the world’s largest M&S, and then on to, again, possibly the world’s largest Tesco.  It was so big our feet hurt!

So here are some calm and relaxing photos of Mum’s garden to help return my inner calm.

This year, Mum’s beautiful and skilled topiary has tragically been blighted with a heinous caterpillar that has wreaked chaos on every leaf.  It is too late for the box plants and they will have to be chopped down and burnt.  So sad.  She has been growing them for years and they were a major feature in the garden.

Relaxing now with a cup of tea and Ted at my feet (he was such a good boy while we were away).  My poor feet hurt.  How do people do this shopping thing?  Perhaps it is the shoes. I am not used to having to look clean and tidy all the time!

8 thoughts on “Exhausted!

  1. Sam

    Your poor feet! Maybe not the shoes, those type of stores always put what you want as far away from the door as possible! At least you have Teddy and Mum’s amazing garden! (Caterpillar destruction aside).

  2. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    That caterpillar has murdered lovely box hedges and sculptures all over the country. And there’s nothing to be done about it except cut it down and replace with not-box. I’m so sorry your mother’s years of work have gone.

  3. Michelle

    I no longer bow to fashion when it comes to footwear. It MUST be comfortable enough to walk in! Maybe that comes from being a horsewoman who knows the truth: No hoof, no horse.

  4. M in NC

    Frances, I echo Michelle’s comment about footwear. Even when I had to wear heels for special occasions, there were flats in the car. As I hit middle age I encountered Plantar Faciitis, but am in good shape currently. Arch supports , the professional type, helped me recover. I still go barefoot in the house all the time even the the Doc rolled his eyes.

    The local grocery stored expanded like crazy when it heard competition was moving in on the same street. One is open and the other is still under construction. They knocked down existing retail to build new … so lots of mud and construction. Local Grocery keeps re-arranging the merchandise and has split the aisles so that some groupings span multiple aisles … like Baking items on 3 different aisles. WHO thought that was a good idea?

    Love the flowers.
    What is the name of the caterpillar that is killing the boxwoods?
    An inquiring USA resident does NOT need that. The nematodes are problem enough!

    More pictures of Teddy would be appreciated 🙂

    M in NC

  5. diane in northern wis

    The colors in your mother’s garden are just wonderful. You took some awesome pictures. I can imagine you being tired after walking thru those huge stores. Prayers going up for your Mum.

  6. Kris

    Love the pictures of my favorite flower in all its variety, the fuchsia. Thank you.
    Best wishes and prayers for you and your Mom.


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