A Beautiful Morning

Floss, Ted and I went for our early morning walk – out by 07.00 while it is still quiet – on the golf course that surrounds Mum’s house.

Immediately, I saw a large dog fox run past and quickly vanish again.

And then, a little way away, we saw two deer grazing by the old stag oak – possibly a mother and this year’s youngster.


Everywhere was quiet and it really was the most perfect of mornings.  So peaceful.

Floss was with Ted (he is on a lead permanently) while I took photos trying to capture just how special it all was.


And then we saw someone watching us.

He was a big buck – a roe deer, I think.  He watched us for a while before bounding off doing those silly bouncy hops.  We laughed and thought of Lambie who doesn’t ever do them anymore.  He’s far too fat now though he did have a nice bounce on him when he was small.

10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Morning

  1. diane in northern wis

    Your pictures today with the morning mist are just gorgeous. I bet the air smells so fresh that time of day. What a beautiful time for a walk, before you get hit in the head with a golf ball! Do you get email or phone updates from home?

  2. Claire

    Awesome photos! Each one is just so beautiful. It was such a delight to see your world through your eyes, your heart, and your lens.


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