A Ted Day

Ted has settled quickly into his new life with us despite Mum being away.

He is very good about everything – he has an eye thing that is treated with drops twice a day.

Poor Ted was very anxious when Mum left for hospital but he is happy and relaxed now spending his day with us, at our feet ever hopeful large lumps of lovely things will fall into his mouth

Or being photographed with his new Golden Paste Company bandana.  I am training him to be a Brand Ambassador.  It is his new calling.

Foot up.

Cheesey grin – “who’s a happy boy, then”.

Serious “advert” face.


Ted is such a funny dude.

What’s not to love?

The noble profile – or his Landseer moment.

Waiting for the mousies!  They are out there and they taunt him.

Carefully balancing = paws down

Carefully balancing = paws up!

Ted’s Empire. The Master of all he surveys.

Dear little Ted, Tedward, Ted-in-a-bed, Ted-Talks, etc, etc.  He answers to the opening of a crisp packet from a great distance.

Well, you wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “A Ted Day

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Ted looks as if he’s doing doggy yoga or pilates in some of those poses! Love the garden – plenty of places for a little dog to explore.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Teddy is quite the boy! Love the pics. That one of him looking thru the doorway is amazing….like a fairyland out there. Beautiful.

  3. Robin E Schwartz

    That nose is adorable! And I’m still amazed at the wonderful garden your mum has. It must be a real labor of love.


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