Everyone Happy

The flowers are wonderful now.  We are bit over-buttercupped but it is not a problem for us.

The boys are looking gorgeous.  All shiny.  Winter coats almost gone.

As Lambie was so distressed by the flies last week, I bought him a horse fly-collar – AB7 Industries Insect Repellent Collar for Horses by Lincoln. I think I got two off Amazon (one for Hetja).  You cut it to size and it comes with fasteners that have a variety of reviews as to whether they stay on or not.  Anywho, the other day, we grabbed Lambie, fitted the collar to size and fastened it.

Of course he went into a complete decline, saying he could’t be That Kind of Sheep (ie one with a collar) and burbled on about being a Free Spirit. I had stopped listening to him by then and told him to get on with it, it would help.

Of course I was right and Lambie is much much happier and relaxed now having got used to the smell of citronella and the total lack of flies around him. From the packet – “protects horses against most parasites including flies, midges, mosquitos and horse-flies.” and now possibly sheep.

(this is Lambie’s happy face, so you know)

While we had Lambie in the metaphorical head-lock, I also replaced his copper magnetic bracelet as he had managed to lose the last one. We have matching bracelets now as I had one made for me too.  Friends forever!

Beautiful smiley faces.

Relaxing in the sun and snoozing.

Edna was happy shovelling food in as fast as she can. What a difference grass makes.

As I wandered about, I was of course followed.

♬♫ “There’s a monster coming over the hill….

(…. and his friend!)” ♬♫

So all is good.

9 thoughts on “Everyone Happy

  1. Linda Kirk

    Thanks for the lovely photos. Lambie seems to be a sheep with some peculiar personality traits, beautiful as he is.

    1. Frances Post author

      I didn’t either. I have put one on Hetja too and May cut another up for each front leg as ankle bracelets. They seem to help so far. Not seen a fly near.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So glad you got that bug collar for Lambie. Whew. Now maybe he can enjoy summer! Looks very beautiful where you live. Love all the flowers! And of course, the critters! How’s BeAnne doing?

  3. Sherry Walter

    I wonder if the fly collars work against deer flies, they are some nasty creatures. Do you not have problems with buttercups and the horses? I’ve always heard they are somewhat toxic.

    1. Frances Post author

      The buttercups don’t seem to bother them. I don’t know about deer flies. We don’t have them but you could give it a go. They are natural ingredients not chemicals.


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