Good Days and Bad

If you are wondering how Her Maj is getting on, well yesterday I would’ve said she is fine.  We are in a routine. It’s not perfect but it works and she’s still here.

BeAnne sort of eats dog food (with muchos cajoling) or cat food (she steals it) and takes herself off to hunt for baby bunny rabbitses when she feels like it (I pretend I don’t know).  Sometimes she even has a wee swim.

She likes water.  Very much.

But we have bad days and today was one of them.  The lunch-time pills were consistently spat out despite the ham parcels they were lovingly wrapped in. This resulted in me going to the not-very-local-shop (20 minute drive away) to get many pounds (money)’s worth of people treats (ham – smoked and honey roasted, hot dogs, meatballs, triangle-shaped cheese) to wrap/disguise her pills in. Instructions on the pill packet it says they must be eaten whole (no crushing or splitting) so we need a vehicle to disguise them in and one Monster wants too as envy greatly inspires.

I have a pill-popper syringe thingy which resulted in her biting me!

Gah!  I am finding this difficult.

And, I think, so is BeAnne.  The pills are a necessity to life but, at the moment,  there are more good days than bad.  I tell myself this because today was a bad one.

But she did eat her supper and the cat’s leftovers and has cheered up immensely.  I have gin so I have cheered up too.

11 thoughts on “Good Days and Bad

  1. Emma morton

    Our tablet trick is cocktail sausage, break into 2 pieces, pop tablet in one half, offer this one. As soon as it’s on her mouth we offer the none tablet half, resulting in her swallowing the first half to make room for the second. Might be worth a try

  2. Sam

    Little Miss Maine Coon cat has daily meds for allergies. Some days she snarfs up the food like a vaccum and other days she will carefully pick the biccies off the canned and meds to spite me. I understand your frustration but look at it like this. BeAnne is feeling well enough to fight you.

  3. Louise Whyte

    so hard when it is so up and down. Not done it with a dog but seen the final days of many kitties and it’s difficult to watch them decline, and also not let you help them.

  4. May

    I know nothing about dog meds, but when we explained to our vet that pills and shots were out for our cat (if you wanted to live) and food was very particular, she sent us to a specialist online pharmacy that made a prescription in liquid form in her favorite flavor. The vet said that, while a liquid form and with food was not ideal, it was better than no meds at all.

    Maybe your vet can help you improvise something?

  5. Judith Garbutt

    I remember you telling us how ill she was when this all started – it’s amazing how well she’s done since. Her will to live is clearly so strong and it’s a delight to see her enjoying her swims. But I do understand the pill problems, having been through it with a previous dog and, worse, a cat! You have all my sympathy!

  6. Margaret Robinson

    Hey, Gin gets a lot of work done and calms the mind. Keep at it. BeAnne is doing exactly what she wants and when she wants it done. She’ll tell you when “it’s time”. Work more on the Gin angle for yourself!

  7. Libby

    Liver pudding has always been my last resort. A vet once told me if a dog will not eat liver pudding, it is sick. Don’t know if you have this there. Also, here in the states they make pill pockets which are treats with a hole in the middle to put pills. Our dog never refused them except on his last day. They were a life saver for me as he was always suspicious of food with pills in it.

  8. Linda

    Well, we all have good days and bad days (especially depending on age…)
    Here in the U.S. it’s peanut butter that does the trick, although our dog would surely not turn down the offerings you mentioned!
    You’re doing your best, and that’s all anyone (or any dog) can ask of you.


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