We Did It!

Well, here we are, this afternoon with me striding purposefully to load Klængur into the horse-van.  My theory being if you look like you mean it, possibly the horse will believe you!

I came fully prepared with my now-trusty ex-TurmerAid bucket (they are so useful, even empty) full of yummy and very visual Mare & Youngstock hardfeed.

One hoof on, ears pricked forwards.

Two hooves on and a bit of “look at the bucket, not around the bucket, you are feeling hungry” hypnotism going on!

And Klængur walked in without much hesitation, was tied up, barrier across and next in was Kappi.  Both were given their reward of a few dibs at the bucket.

And bingo!  Two lovely ginger ninjas ready to go on their expedition.

Here we are at our destination, waiting for the others.  We tacked up and went round the village on a lovely hack.  There are no photos as Klængur is not that type of horse (ie one where you can let go of the reins).  This was unknown territory for him and he and Kappi danced around or leg-locked for every yellow flower, blade of suspicious grass, road-marking, gate, house, ladder, the list is endless.  I think the only thing they didn’t spook at was the Minions in a far-away field who were thrilled to see them!

Home safe now.  Phew! I wanted to find out if Klængur and I could do this – and we did!

7 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. Linda Kirk

    Well done you, and the ginger ninjas! I love their eager expressions in photo 5. Where we going. where we going?

  2. Sherry Walter

    haha, took my mare to a new (to her) area of the farm, I think I was saying ‘ that’s a girl, goooood girl, you can do it’ in my sleep that night.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Wow. Good for you Frances and Klængur….you did it indeed! What a nice, successful story! Just love the way you relate what’s going on. Always so interesting.


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