Transition Turriefield, aka Alan and Penny, are getting a horse to help them with the ploughing around their croft.

They have recently been going south to learn which bit goes where and why but wanted some extra long-reining practice.

We offered them Klængur, as I used to long-rein him everywhere rather than ride him.  We omitted to tell them that Klængur had never actually worn harness before as we trusted him not to mention it either, which of course he didn’t.


And Mr Bimble (aka Iacs) as he used to long-rein when we were teaching him how to pull a cart.  Sadly the cart bit never happened as he took a hatred.


We would’ve used Haakon, who is an expert ‘carthorse’ in his spare time, but he is still off sick.


Jo showed Penny and Alan how to harness up Klængur (although his breast collar was a bit high up, but it is only for long-reining so it is fine) and then we stood back and let them work out how to harness up Mr Bimble.


And off they went.


A horse each.


Round the school.


They were getting on very well with their respective horses.


We set out an obstacle course.


And then we told them to swap horses!


Because we are mean like that.


Iacs was the best and most helpful.  He enjoyed wandering round and round. Iacs is a bit of a goldfish – a 3 second memory.

BN2A2031    BN2A2054

Once Penny or Alan had decided that they were not being led but doing the instruction, everything sorted itself out and they were going round like pros.

BN2A2056 BN2A2058

We are all really looking forward to meeting their professional ploughing horse!

3 thoughts on “Practice

  1. Sam

    It is not mean to switch horses on Alan and Penny. After all, who knows if their plough horse will play nice day after day, or not. Do love Beanne’s snoozing picture!


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