End of the Day

I was out late last night (a friend’s leaving do), therefore a lie-in this morning to recover, plus visitors this afternoon, and I didn’t get out to check Brá and then the Minions until the late afternoon.

Still, Shetland was still very beautiful.  It always is and this time of year is the start of great skies and beautiful sunsets.

Brá is en route to the Minions, so I clambered over her fence and went up to say hello.

Ronas Hill is in the background of her field – this is highest summit in Shetland (apparently a Marilyn but not a Monroe at 450 m/1,480 ft).

My old mare was on good form. She had been relaxing in the evening sun and happily accepted my proferred carrot.

I didn’t tell her friends that I had brought carrots so she had the lot.

Our relationship is very much work-in-progress but every so often I see a change, a different light in Brá’s eye and I know know she is happy where she is currently living.  That means a lot.

And my last stop was the Minions.  I had carrots (obviously) and went amongst the little ones fairly distributing rather than just throwing randomly and hoping for the best.

An autumnal evening in Shetland is very special.

3 thoughts on “End of the Day

  1. diane in northern wis

    Love your pics, Frances and I must add that Bra looks beautiful! Glad to hear she’s getting along well, after not her best year. The little minions look so sweet too. Glad you had those carrots to hand out.
    You’re such a good mama!

  2. Gail Lawson

    I love your vignettes with your sweet friends and you’re so kind and good approach to them. They are blessed by you.


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