Electric Fencing

The girls and I spent our morning putting up an electric fence as my neighbour, despite my protests, replaced my wire fence with a wooden one that he wanted to surround his garden.  I told him that the Minions have chippie-chipmunk tendancies and I could not guarantee they would stay away from his beautiful wooden fence.

So we had to build an electric fence to protect this work of perfection.

While we worked, we were watched.  We were accompanied by the sound of wire fence twanging – thank you Storm and Tiddles.

Once built and said to be working (Daisy’s exact words were “I am now 99% sure this fence is electric!), we led the Minions and ladies, two at a time, over the road to their new field.

They will only be in this field for a few weeks, ie when it is eaten down.

It is not the biggest field so won’t take long and the grass is not particularly good but it will do for a while.

Everyone was immediately “head down and eat”.  All I could hear was the peaceful sound of munching….

….or rather stuffing!

I had words with each pony and asked politely that they avoid their neighbour’s new and perfect fence.

My neighbour has this delusion that if he brings carrots, they won’t eat his fence.  (insert hollow laugh)

Fivla, who is obviously perfect, would never eat a fence.

She is not that kind of pony.

Tiddles is.

And yes, he did try the fence and though it didn’t quite zap him (clever boy counts the pulses), he does definitely know it is on.

I am not holding my breath, to be perfectly honest.  There just aren’t enough carrots in the world.

4 thoughts on “Electric Fencing

  1. Sam

    While it is a pretty fence, the temptation to nibble is great. And if your neighbor appears with carrots, well then the fence will not deter determined Minions from gaining access. Except for your lovely Fairy Horse.


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