Autumn is my Favourite

We were talking about this out on our ride today.  I think Autumn is my favourite season.

For me, it’s the colours and the light. Also if you have a chestnut Icelandic horse, he looks good in photos.

And the same goes for a dun one too.

Today I rode Klængur and then Daisy asked if I would accompany her and Kappi on Iacs.

We had a superb time, even narrowly missing a huge tractor and trailer that rattled past as we walked down our track to the “main” road (as in one car an hour) – I think the Gods were looking out for us today which was kind.  Klængur was not sure about that tractor/trailer combo but did his best not to walk in the ditch.  It was tense while we went past but we’re both still here so I consider that a success!

Freshly made homemade bread for lunch and then onwards driving around looking at all the horses and ponies now all in different fields far and wide.

I don’t actually think Lilja, Hetja and Sóley have actually moved since we put them in their field at Leradale.  I guess they don’t need to.

Despite not being at home, we will still go on working with Sóley and her headcollar skills.  At the moment it is a two man job and I didn’t have the necessary people with me but we said hello to each other anyway.

Lilja looked very happy in her surroundings.

I do like this picture except it is a very odd angle for Sóley and she looks like a sturdy wee chublet!

So that was my day.  How was your’s?

9 thoughts on “Autumn is my Favourite

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Our day is starting out fine. This is morning 3 of a two week trip up North, from our area to end of WA state. Not quite as fun as your days, but it’s gorgeous up this way despite some weather changes this time of year (colder).
    Looks like everyone is settling in and your having some entertaining rides!

  2. Kerry

    Mine was ok thank you but nowhere nice as yours (v v wet down here) .
    I am not a huge fan of Summer, and prefer the light, temperatures and weather (but not when v v wet)of Autumn. The susurration of leaves and turning colours of plantlife makes it a season to enjoy walks outdoors and then the hygge of indoors
    As ever thabk you for your lovely photos and great blog

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely colours in those photographs! And it looks like you had a good weather day for riding! Nothing out of the ordinary in my day – checking my Shetland pony who’s rather cross as he still has to wear a muzzle. Watched a friend riding her Connemara gelding in preparation for a dressage competition tomorrow then visited another friend in hospital. Oh and dog walks as well.

  4. Chris Neef

    Thank you, Francis, for uplifting my day with your beautiful pictures and endearing commentary. I eagerly look forward to your posts daily. I hope to visit someday! Best to you and yours, and to your delightful animals! Autumn is so wonderful!

  5. Sam

    Spent Saturday trying to 5 meds down Mr.Man (Maine Coon) for his irritated bowel disease and then hours teaching teenagers to sew costumes, topped off with making pizza and cuddling 3 little ones. Thanks for asking.

  6. Linda Loba

    Stunning photos, Frances!
    And a resounding YES to Autumn being the very best (for so many reasons, right?)
    (Just as your Icelandic horses shine in that special sunshine, so our Malamute – now finished with the lumpy shedding period – is in all her soft fluffy glory.)


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