Either Very Brave or Very Stupid!

It has been pouring with rain all day and this morning, donning my full wet-weather gear, I went out with buckets for the old ladies and carrots for the others.

I think I would’ve been eaten alive if I had forgotten the carrots again!  This is my little Aide-mémoire – aka Newt!

While the ladies were happily eating, various Shetland ponies sidled up hopefully.

Fivla was not letting anyone have her bucket. Gosh, no!

Vitamin had her own little Fan Club too.

They started by keeping a respectful distance – a good idea, boys ….

And then Newt thought he might be in with a chance.

(At this stage I was about to run for cover.)

And Vitamin’s told Newt to back off but possibly with ruder words!

So he did and went on to try his luck with Fivla.

I couldn’t decide if Newt was either very brave or very stupid!

Once Fivla had told him in no uncertain terms along with some bad language what she thought of him, Newt went off to take his revenge out on poor Silver who had done absolutely nothing.

Darling Tiddles.

And not-so-darling Newt!

These two made me smile!  The both know better than to try to take Vitamin’s bucket.  Now, they are not stupid.

1 thought on “Either Very Brave or Very Stupid!

  1. Sam

    Newt The Bold must have angels with him to tempt the ladies at their buckets. Not the best move.He reminds me of a small boy desperate to grow up and get what all the “big kids” have.
    Now Tiddles knows to work his charms!


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