Silly Billy Barrel

If you call, he comes galloping over.

That would be Harrel the Barrel, now affectionately known as just Barrel.

For obvious reasons.

He’s a bit of a wee chubster (very squishy if you grab hold of him and he does love a cuddle). I spend many hours sitting on a rock with him on my knee, legs dangling either side, just being squished.  He jumps up and demands squishing.

Maggie is less cuddlesome but she follows her son devotedly.

They are both looking well.

And they eat a lot.  Food is the way to their hearts.

I am happy to see that they are both far more integrated with the flock now.

Even Lambie is fairly tolerant.

And then Barrel gets that look…… and so does Lambie!

I went over the hill (common grazing) to see the horses with carrots – as I haven’t talked to them in a while and miss their company.  Barrel squoze under the gate and came too.  Maggie has given up shouting for him these days.

All was fine in the horse world.

Barrel hung around outside the fence – probably wise.


Carrots, did you say carrots?

And then we walked back – well, I walked and Harrel the Barrel did that silly-billy little lamb pronc all the way home!  He is very enthusiastic about everything.

7 thoughts on “Silly Billy Barrel

  1. Celeste

    What wonderful photos! You had me laughing out loud. So glad Harry is such good friend to you, he is just adorable.

  2. Sam

    That Barrel has moves! Love how he races when called! What breed is he and Maggie?
    The same head tilt as Lambie cracks me up!

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    Another wonderful set of beautiful, happy animals. Delighted to see Barrell, and Lambie looks particularly endearing shorn. Enjoy!

  4. M. Colleen McNamara

    So good to see your happy flock ( where are Edna and Madge?) and herd.
    “the Barrel” is so cute and such a love bug.
    Thanks for taking us on the journey.
    warmest wishes,

  5. Linda

    Good for “Barrel” – he’ll need some extra poundage for Winter…right? And wonderful to hear about his cuddles; I think he likes you


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