Remember this Mare?

Do you remember this mare who, in the middle of March, nearly died with hyperlipaemia?

L1140604 IMG_0623

I went to see her today as she was moved to a field nearer to me yesterday.


The difference is huge.  She looks wonderful and very changed from the dying mare in Spring.


When I nursed her for that week 24/7, she never acknowledged my presence with any gratitude or love.  I was tolerated and along with all I did, but there was never any communication or reaction from her with me.


I honestly didn’t mind.  Some do, some don’t.  But we all did our best for her no matter what.


Today, I could see what she was meant to be like. I could see her character – an aloof mare who watches everything and everyone. She has a huge sense of pride and the look-at-me factor.


When I was in her field today, she always walked away from me.  We never had contact even though she was well aware of me taking photos.  The rest of the herd were very busy mugging me for some carrots I had hidden in my pocket or busy chasing BeAnne.


I was walking away, having taken my photos, when she suddenly left the herd, trotted up and touched my hand, looked me in the eye and trotted off again.


Who knows what that was all about but I am glad she did it.  A small connection.  I never asked her for anything.


Most odd but most appreciated.

12 thoughts on “Remember this Mare?

  1. Karen

    A special touch of gratitude for a special person. The unrequested and unexpected is undoubtly extra special.

  2. Rebecca Final

    I imagine you might get tired of the wind on Shetland, but it sure makes for beautiful pony pictures.

  3. Linda

    You had what we call a “Magic Moment” – I don’t doubt for a minute that, once she sussed out who you were – she remembered you and in her aloof way came to say Thank You.
    She looks wonderful!

  4. Terri

    Yes, Roseblossom! (I was wondering about her.) She is lovely (you too, for your role in her recovery). I’m happy she acknowledged you, in her own way. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Linda K

    That must have been such a miserable time for her, now look at the transformation! I’m sure she did remember you. Thanks for the update. She does indeed look proud.

  6. Duncan

    Beautiful pictures and story, especially the last bit. Thanks again for your pictures and comments. I love them and find them a bright moment in my day b


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