Duck House Modifications

Yesterday evening, while the rain chucked down, led by Mother-Duck, all the duckies made a bid for freedom so we rushed out, caught them and shoved them quickly into the duck-house (along with food and water) closing the door quickly behind them.  There may have been swearing.

So much for duck participation, gratitude and helpfulness.  Meh!

Today was a new day and luckily slightly drier.  OH has now gone again working off-island (poor, poor Monster!), and it was down to Daisy and I to solve the duck problem.  We decided to fit wide boards along the side of the run because last night, the ducks had managed to squeeze between the net and the hurdles and then firmly stuck.

We “borrowed” OH’s tools and various bits and pieces from his shed.

And while Daisy drilled, I tied the boards firmly together with bale string.  We even did sawing (well, Daisy did. I looked on in wonder!)

Then into OH’s shed to make a proper duck staircase so everyone can go in and out a bit easier.  The plank I had originally supplied was slippy in the rain and they were reluctant to use it.

Ta dah!

We also supplied two swimming pools and a breakfast tray.

The ducks have spent the rest of the day pottering up and down their little staircase, going in and out of their house, swimming and eating.  Mother-Duck is still looking for an escape route but I think it is all a bit more secure now and hopefully she won’t succeed.

If she does, at this stage, I give up!


10 thoughts on “Duck House Modifications

  1. Deryn Relph

    Great job! Daisy looks like a natural with the power tools too!
    Hopefully Mrs Duck will show her appreciation by staying put!
    We are revamping our chicken run to accommodate increasing flock and keep wild birds out. Can I ask where you get the net that you’ve covered it with? I know it must be available somewhere here as it’s what is on the top of our existing chicken pen, once a fruit cage!

  2. Sam

    Nice DIY work, ladies! At this point, if Mama runs away, ducklings might be big enough to survive. You can always lay burlap over the plank for more traction.

  3. annie vanderven

    do they go inside at night? and is it fox proof? Ladies you are pretty handy with all the tools.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Wow… you guys did so much good work on this duck house and enclosure….sure hope it works out and that they can’t get out and nothing can get in! Lookin’ good! You folks are amazing!


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