Today our neighbour sold me this very useful henhouse so we went over with the van and collected it.

With a little bit of titivation (thank you OH), it became perfectly functional – and much needed. I wanted to move the ducklings outside.

So we lugged hurdles and salmon net and then, between us, created our new duck-run-and-house.

The salmon net was cut to size.

Then came the duck catching.  Armed with a tadpole net (from someone’s childhood), I got Mother-Duck and carried her over.

And then easily caught the ducklings – all 11 of them (we popped them in a pet carrier and made a few journeys).

Everyone was a bit surprised at the sudden relocation.

So, here is their new abode – nice and, hopefully, safe.

And yes, Mother-Duck remains ungrateful and resentful.  There is no pleasing some ducks.

The best bit is that I can now see them from the kitchen window!

In other news, Vitamin was more than happy to be caught today!

11 thoughts on “Construction

  1. M in NC

    Hope they settle in nicely. Did the other hen-ducks ever return? Perhaps if you had them banded with different colors you could tell them apart, like parents do with new multiple births 😉

    Perhaps Vitamin learned her lesson , no catching means no carrot.

    M in NC

    1. Frances Post author

      Other ducks did return – all sitting on nothing. Polecat did get one, however. Very sad.


  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    We close / lock our ducks in their house at night because night predators racoons , and skunks dig under the fence and get to them. Don’t know if your netting is critter proof. But I bet the duckies love being able to run around. They still will need a small tub of water to eat their dry crumbles BUT you know that. It also helps with preening and getting their oil gland spread all over their feathers for waterproofing.
    Don’t be concerned about momma duck she is doing what mammas do, protect her kiddos. 😉


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