Pony Visitors

Today the Minions had visitors.

And jolly nice it was too.

I have been holding off from letting the public, ie tourists and visitors to the Islands, meet the ponies, mostly due to Covid reasons.  I can’t get my head around seeing strangers yet.  Family friends, however, are different.  I am happy to introduce them to the ponies.

There was lots of love, hugs and kisses for eight happy little Minions.

Vitamin was keeping an eye on the proceedings.

She is not really the huggy type but wanted to be around in case large amounts of cake was dropped on the floor!  There wasn’t so she had a carrot and her mouth rinsed out instead.

Newt was very “newty”.

As was Tiddles.  He, of course, gave the best kisses.

I took this photo a few days ago.  Can you guess who it is from the shape?

So, it was nice to see folk and even better, the ponies behaved beautifully, though Storm did have a secret “zip” moment!

3 thoughts on “Pony Visitors

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Your photos are always enchanging, but I really enjoy seeing these visitors and the expressions on the pony’s faces. Looks like fine weather too.

  2. Sam

    Visitors – what a strange concept. Nice to see the Minions have retained manners, or is it bribery?
    Had dear friends from London, UK stop by last week in New England. So very, very strange. Outside for 95% of the visit, but I think we all are relearning how to meet people again.


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