Driving Around Abit

The weather has been good but I can’t ride because I promised the anaesthetist I would wait at least a week, and Haakon is lame so I thought I would take my camera out and enjoy the scenery while on my daily travels.

This was yesterday afternoon after dropping Floss off – rather than turn round and go straight back home, I went via the “scenic route”.

Pot o’ gold, anyone?

Haakon enjoying his time off from lugging my fat arse everywhere.  He blends well with his environment.

Today, I drove over to Sandgarth croft – it is situated on the east side of the island.

From their Facebook page – Sandgarth Trees and Birds

“This area of woodland is found at the head of Dales Voe, Delting. A major attraction of Shetland is the opportunity to spot wildlife, especially migrating birds which drop in here to rest and feed.”

I was trying out a new lens that was being offered for sale.

So, I walked around the Shetland croft snapping away at the residents.

Look, look, look – more evidence of Spring.  A lovely and very welcome sight.

It was very peaceful afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A cup of tea, a natter and then I drove home to a beautiful sunset.

Can you tell that I am desperate for Spring to make an appearance?

9 thoughts on “Driving Around Abit

  1. Linda

    Absolutely fantastic photos (especially that rainbow and that fluffy little bird).
    I repeat: I’d definitely buy a calendar from you Frances!!!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    The pictures are great – glad you went off “traveling” a bit after dropping Flossie off! Who is Jackson’s Secret Garden named for, after……………? Glad you’re feeling better and hope Haakon is getting better as well.

  3. Louise Stopford

    Loved these photo’s. It’s great to be able to see parts of Shetland through your photography. The photo’s of Albie and Newt and the sheep in the last two posts are also wonderful. They are all so photogenic and don’t they take their “modelling” duties seriously.

  4. rheather

    Where I live, ticks are bloodsucking nasties-not something you would want put in a box with donations! It does look lovely, all your pics do!

    1. Frances Post author

      Apparently, from the owner “A tick box is for anyone who sees a new bird (to them) to leave a small donation in recognition of the fact that they saw it in our trees and gardens.” and now we know!

  5. Sam

    Love the “pot of gold” shot but adore the one of the shed in the woods. Want that on a mouse pad.
    And yes, Spring needs to come soon!


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