Two Little Boys

Seriously, can Newt get any cuter?  I don’t think he can.

The boys were having a little bit of a sit in the Shetland winter sunshine.  It was nice this morning, ie no rain.

I managed to sneak out with my camera to take photos, but Albie had got up before I reached them.

Just before the storms a few weeks back, we had moved Albie and Newt to the large field which is marginally drier and they can have access to a little stable too, which we open at night for them.  It took them two weeks to realise the gate was open and they could go and explore.

Obviously I went out armed with carrots. It is only polite.  I think, secretly, the Albie and Newt are quite enjoying being by themselves, together and not having to wade through endless mud and push and shove to get their fair share of silage.  Not that the others were nasty to them, but food is food and some like it at all costs (*** cough, Kappi and Haakon, cough ***) and if you are only 28″ high, it can be very hard work on a daily basis. It gets to you.

In this new field, they are considered to be the biggest, by not much, though.  Flossie said she saw them chasing each other and playing around the field the other day, so they must be happy.

The sheep share this field during the daytime if I can successfully shove them in and are happy to share with the Shetland ponies, which is good.

(Sometimes I go in and sit on a rock and see who comes to talk to me – today it was ‘Bert who smiled and wagged his tail while I scratched his back – happy sheep do that!)

4 thoughts on “Two Little Boys

  1. Sam

    Newt is the cutest! A picture of him and Alvie on a postcard would sell fast. Glad you moved these two. Having the sheep to compare in size is fun.


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