Dreki’s Island

We have had heavy rain all day and the burn (stream) that runs through my land at Thordale has broken its banks and flooded some of the lower field where Taktur and the young lads currently live.

I was just going to my she-shed when I happened to look over to see Dreki standing on a rapidly flooding “island” with his friends on the other side of the burn.  I returned to the house, shouted up the stairs for a second opinion from Flossie, who was home and we both decided he was probably stuck.  It has happened before with another horse many years ago.

Donning full waterproofs, fetching a headcollar and a carrot, I carefully walked down the hill to lead Dreki to safety, not that he was in any danger.

Dreki was thrilled to see me and my carrot.  He immediately walked over to me thus proving he was neither stuck nor minding.

So I fed him the carrot since I had brought it.

Efstur and Hjalti on t’other side then decided they were stuck and wanted to come back over to where the carrots were, ie with me.

The burn was too high to cross so I threw the carrots over for them to find.

But, still they wanted to be on the other side, which was impossible – you can see Dreki’s “island” better in this photo.

By now, I had also been joined by Taktur who was feigning polite interest.

There was not much else I could do.

They will all have to wait for the burn to recede, which will probably be some time tonight.

So we have the Ginger Ninjas on one side and the Black Beauties on the other.  It is always good to colour co-ordinate.

1 thought on “Dreki’s Island

  1. diane in northern wis

    Ah…. you saved Dreki! Good for you! Love the stream and the color coordinating beautiful horses on either side. Thank goodness you brought enough carrots! You’re such a good mama!


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