Newt the Incredibly Cute

Newt is incredibly cute.

Is it because Newt is only 28″ high?  Even some of the grass in his field is nearly as tall as he is.  He could get lost in there and we might never find him.

I know all my Shetland ponies are adorable but there is just something nummy-nummy about Newt.

When he leaves all the other ponies to come and be hugged, even my granite heart melts.

Newt is a very sociable little chap too.  He likes a nice chat.

And a quiet little nose kissey between friends.

The others are all doing very well. We have opened up the gates between their three fields as there is some wet and windy weather ahead.  The lower field can flood so I want everyone to have the option of better shelter and higher land, if they need.

In the next few days, as herd leader, I am relying on Vitamin to make the right decisions on behalf of everyone.  With the wisdom of her years, she knows the score and is is well experienced in Shetland weather.

This summer Fivla has adopted Albie and they spend much of their time together, which is lovely to watch.

Fivla has taught Albie many important skills, like manners in the herd and it has done him nothing but good.

Obviously all the horses and ponies will be checked daily and no one will be left on their own to struggle.

I always worry, though. It’s what I do best.





3 thoughts on “Newt the Incredibly Cute

  1. Sam

    Newt The Cute – small in stature, overly large in personality AND that is why we love him. So glad Albie found a mentor/friend/protector. And we worry with you from afar. (No, not anywhere near Hurricane Dorian).

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Your heart melts because it is not (and I suspect never has been) “granite”. Newt is just adorable and like all of your charges just makes it impossible to pass them by.

  3. diane in northern wis

    What a beautiful group of ponies, for sure. Love all the pics, Frances. And I love that you love them all so much. Being a worrier can be a good thing and keep everybody in good health and happiness and a few steps away from hardships and scary things popping up, because you’re always anticipating what could happen! Thank God there’s somebody like you around to protect these precious beauties. Although I know that takes a toll on you, and I’m sorry for that.


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