Last night was spent here – Gilbert Bain Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department (or GBH, as it is locally known!)

OH has a filthy cold and it seemed to be finally abating when he woke up with chest pain.  Luckily I was already awake so I drove him tout de suite to A&E.

I don’t muck around when I hear the words “chest pain”.  It is not for me to make a diagnosis and professionals are much better equipped to look after OH than me.


I have sat in many A&E’s over the years for various children, friends, relatives, even myself but it never ceases to cheer me up that GBH A&E is almost always empty.  No queuing with the great unwashed.


Just a mug of tea, two types of dunkable biccies and the remote control (I watched Highway to Heaven).


After some tests, they decided to keep OH in for the night and I drove home.  It was the scariest drive ever. I genuinely thought the car was broken.  I had no control at all and, calling on all my ancestors, I managed to drive slowly home at 20mph.  I think there was black ice everywhere and my nerves were in shreds.

Anyway, the upshot is that OH is now coming home on the bus having been discharged with nothing found.  He will go back for more tests.


Oh yes, as we left at 03:00, I saw Iacs standing by himself eating the silage bale.  When I got home at 07:00, I saw Iacs still by himself and still eating the silage bale!

He looked like Ermintrude.


9 thoughts on “Drama

  1. mandy

    the emptyness of the GBH saved my life at least once. It treated two blood clots and diagnosed both our heart conditions. It is a wonderful hospital with good food and clean as well. At least he is in excellent hands there and if anything needs to be found they will. As to lacs well he is on a mission to destroy that bale! Its and a tough job but some horse has to do it.

  2. Terri

    Black ice is simply the WORST! Glad you made it safely home and that in the meantime your OH is home too. Nice of Iacs to “guard” the sileage bale. (Maybe he only eats a little every 4 hours, such as at 3am and 7am. Won’t you give him the benefit of the doubt?) ;))

  3. Sam

    Nothing scarier than a family member saying “chest pain”. But black ice is a very close second.
    Glad to hear OH is doing better and that Iacs has taken his sentry job to heart. Never know when a silage bandit might come over the hill.


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