A Smattering of Snow

And now we have snow and OH has a diagnosis – acute cholecystitis.  Poor thing.  He told me he was ill and I am now supplying sympathy in the correct dosage.


Lambie and Ster are constantly “helping” and hanging around waiting for food to be handed out.

BN2A2166 BN2A2167

I have managed to put properly fitting rugs on Storm and Tiddles.  I love the way they match.


Waffle just fits into this rug which was brought over yesterday. It is a bit snug but it will do for the time being and then can be passed on down to the smaller boys next year.

Dear Klaengur was reluctantly sharing his food, despite there being 10 buckets out for 10 ponies.


I am on the look out for a a rug for Silver. He is managing the best out of all of the Minions this winter.


I like to colour coordinate if possible!


This is Haakon’s dinosaur face when he absolutely refuses to be moved on from his food by anyone.


Iacs is the worst culprit for hassling.  He goes round each bucket first bullying everyone off while trying to see if anyone has chocolate cake unbeknownst to him.  I was furious at him and, I am not sorry to say, he got a telling.  Next time it will be a headcollar and being dragged out of sight from the others.


But I am not too worried. Everyone looks well covered and healthy.

BN2A2182 BN2A2186  BN2A2188

The Icelandic horses’ coats are doing exactly what they were meant to.


5 thoughts on “A Smattering of Snow

  1. Suzanne in Ohio

    Hi Frances! How about a Taktur post?? It has been awhile. Taktur is HJalti’s father – correct?
    Hang in there – spring WILL be there eventually!

  2. CA Carol

    Yikes, that sounds painful! The gallbladder can be a nasty little beast. Does this imply (shudder) gall stones? I hope he is recovering quickly.

    Hugs to you and OH.

  3. Linda

    Looked up OH’s condition…WOW – I hope he feels better soon.

    Ster has the most handsome profile, with that wonderful little horn, and Lambie is just so kissable, I can hardly stand it.

    Finally, yes one’s jacket should always match one’s food bowl – Tiddles is rockin’ that look!

  4. Sam

    Love the color coordination of rug to bucket – well done! And the snow flocked LambDog is adorable.
    Hope OH is on the mend and the winter ends soon!


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