I learned something new today

I learned something new today.  Cheap unbranded rugs are a false economy.

Today I made the decision to put rugs on The Minions.


There seems to be no let-up in this horrid weather and they are suffering.


Storm’s rug from last year still fits him, just.  I reckon he will have outgrown it by next year and that is a huge shame as it was wonderful and fitted very well.  He is very attached to it and his little face lit up when I put it on him.


Tiddles has done lots of growing and I never really noticed.  I struggled to find a rug that would fit him.  His bottom hangs out of this one but it is better than nothing.


Silver is wearing a 3’9″ no fill rug that fitted well.  This was the best of all the rugs today.

You may remember this was the first rug I had for Storm.  It was a tad big then.

“Ride Up With Wear Sir”

I tried another rug that has never been worn and he was much too big for it.   Everything poked out. This is where I found out that cheap rugs are a false economy.  The neck was made for a whippet, the velcro was too thick to go through its buckle and the whole thing was nasty and badly made.  So Waffle ate it.


Waffle is sporting a fetching binder-twine number but it is warm and functional so it will have to do for the time being.


We will struggle through with these rugs, though I might see if Ebay have some good brands being sold (Masta, Rambo (Rhino or Wug), Rhinegold) or just sell a kidney and do a spot of shopping.


Now this rug is wonderful.


It fits, it is warm and Brá loves it.



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  1. Michelle

    I don’t know if shipping would be prohibitive, but I can’t speak highly enough of SmartPak’s Ultimate Turnouts. I got the high-neck turnout sheet (which I would think would be perfect for yours; they also have a combo neck version) and its fit and features are wonderful. Best of all, they have a 10-year INDESTRUCTIBLE guarantee! I figured I could go through more money in cheap sheets in ten years than the cost of one Ultimate Turnout….


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