Dr Newt!

This morning I managed to get to see the Minions and Newt decided that he was my bestest friend, which was lovely.

He definitely has curative powers – they are in his nosey

And Newt takes his vocation (to be my bestest friend) very seriously.

It’s a full time job (note the wee teefs – they are glorious).

Obviously I took full advantage of his little smiley face and constant appearance by my side.

And I feel a whole lot better.

I wouldn’t dare not.

Albie did his best too.  Where Newt goes, Albie follows, ever hopeful.

Meanwhile, Floss was preoccupied with Silver.

I was nearly followed home.  Newt (today) was such a darling though he does have his moments.  I am a realist and have seen his back-end in action!

9 thoughts on “Dr Newt!

  1. Sam

    Newt, Smeller of back pain lotion and lover of carrots in milady’s pocket! But very nice teeth and smiles. And Poor Albie – also very nice smiles. What is up with Silver?
    Are you sure you wouldn’t need/want a Newt heating pad for said back??? Just 3 carrots an hour. Cheap!

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    look like you both had a wonderful day! Those photos! As if you could just reach out and pet that lovely nose and sweet face.

  3. Celeste

    Hurray for Dr. Newt! I knew your furry friends would come to the rescue and help you feel better. Worth more than all the doctors and treatments there are.

  4. Jane stokes

    Cute – but remember they are shitlands – don’t be fooled, as I know you aren’t Frances! So glad you felt good enough to go out and take some great shots! Xx

    1. Frances Post author

      I trust these little guys more than my bigger ones. I have brought them all up since foals, rescuing them from near death. I can read them very well. Please never call the Shitlands because it is the last thing they are.


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