Harrel the Barrel’s Hangouts

I am trying to work every afternoon in my shed making little sheeple to sell in Lerwick.  Harrel has discovered that this is where I can be found.

So he comes in and then I boot him out as he always aims straight for the graptopetulum plants.  He loves them and I am not sure if they are poisonous to small black Shetland sheep.

Edited to say they are not – I’ve looked them up but even so, Harrel does not need to eat my plants.

He pretends to be interested and just happening to be in the area. I am not fooled.

“Harrel, out means out!”

This morning I found a not-so-small black woolly bottom sticking out from under the horsevan.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered its identity.

Harrel, although wide, can even stand up under there.  It is lucky he is black.  He would look filthy otherwise.

And guess who is back looking like a pathetic and little lost lamb.

“No, Harrel. Go away.  Go find the others.”

And this is Harrel’s look of pure determination.  I told him his mother was looking for him so he quickly turned tail and left.  Even Harrel doesn’t mess with Maggie. He’s not that stupid.

My plants are safe for another day.

4 thoughts on “Harrel the Barrel’s Hangouts

  1. Celeste

    Aw, he just wants to hang out with you and help with your projects. I love Harrel, what a cutie! He’s not fat, he’s just growing and getting wooly. That last face shot, oh my, fabulous!

  2. Sam

    Oh that look in the past picture! If stares could kill/melt your heart…well there you go!
    Harrel has filled out nicely, I don’t think he will have problems with a Shetland winter.
    Bet his first fleece will make yummy Sheeple to sell. Hope the back is under control.

  3. diane in northern wis

    I love your pictures of Harrel today. He looks so cute peering in your doorway. Isn’t it hard to kick him out? He is a cutie and seems to like you a lot! How is your back doing? Are you getting any relief from your awful pain? Sure hope so.


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