Afternoon in Hospital

I said to myself over the weekend that if my back didn’t show signs of improving, I would go to see my doctor.

So this morning, Daisy kindly drove me to see my GP, after an initial telephone consultation.  She gave me a thorough examination and sent me to the Accident and Emergency Department at our local hospital – a 45 minute drive away – in Lerwick. And Daisy again kindly drove me straight there.

A bit of waiting, not much really and I was seen, examined again thoroughly including pins stuck in me, etc.

Five hours later and home now. I am waiting for the details of my blood analysis, a physio appointment, and when I will go south for an MRI scan.

Things are not looking (or feeling) particularly good at present.

19 thoughts on “Afternoon in Hospital

  1. Celeste

    So sorry to hear that your back is acting up again. Sure hope you can get some good care and that you feel better soon. This is no fun! Sending you warm healing thoughts and prayers. Tell all your furry friends that you need some extra TLC from all of them.

  2. Jan Knight

    Frances you have my full sympathy , I know exactly what it’s like for you. Best wishes for a steady recovery.

  3. Claire

    Dear Frances,
    Just read your post. I am so sorry. When the back hurts, everything hurts, and every movement is painful. We will pray for patience and peace for you wisdom for the doctors, and a quick resolution.

    Thinking of you.

  4. Chris Neef

    So sorry Frances! I hope that you get this figured out and that you feel better soon! We complain in the states about wait times but having to travel for long distances for an MRI? Yikes!

  5. Sam

    Oh no! Hugs from Little Miss Maine Coon and me. Hoping the doctors can figure this out real soon!
    Glad you did not wait it out.

  6. Gail Lawson

    Dear Frances, I wish you well in your medical appointments. Your amazing family need you up and about and riding! Good thoughts and wishes are sent with this message.
    Gail Lawson

  7. Suzanne Kelly

    Dear Frances

    Very sorry to see this and wishing you well. Hope you can take it easy for a few days. All the best.

  8. Ruth Watson

    I’m sorry to hear this Frances. I hope you can get a scan quickly and the doctors can do something to help you. I’ll be thinking of you.

  9. Judith Garbutt

    Really feel for you, Frances. I hope you get a quick MRI appointment and that a problem is identified which can be resolved. Fingers well and truly crossed for you. xx

  10. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear, Frances. I was afraid your back might be worse. Hope the MRI gives them the info they need so they can devise a plan for you that will rid you of your awful pain.
    Back pain is the worst!!!

  11. Dee

    So sorry to hear this. Time is not being kind to us…My knees are bad and I now have a consult appointment with an osteo surgeon about both knees being replaced. So I sympathize with the pain…..Thinking of you loads…XXX

  12. Christine

    Being thousands of miles away, there’s not much I can do to help you out, except to say I hope you find some answers and new ways to relieve the pain. I’m glad you have such a good supporting family – both 2 and 4 footed!


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