A Box

Today I received a lovely parcel in the post from some across-the-pond friends.  The contents were wonderful and hugely appreciated by us all.

In the box were presents for all the family, including the horses (appley treats that smell like real apple), tennis balls for BeAnne and catnip fish for Monster plus muchos lovely things for the hoomans.

The box was also included in Monster’s appreciation.

This is Monster now a bit zonked out.  He is such a druggie!

I also spent the day watching hawklike the lightning threaten.  Apparently we had a huge lightning storm last night which, luckily, BeAnne missed as we have blackout blinds in our bedroom.  Both she and I were blissfully unaware until this morning when we discovered our internet down.  A good few hours on the phone to Plusnet who denied all knowledge stating everything was fine their end and could I just find another router to test the system with and so I duly up-ended the house, found one only for them to say it was actually an outage in Edinburgh!  The rest of the morning was spent putting the house back along with the spare router and yes, I grumbled.

Anywho the thunder/lightning warning has apparently been stood down for Shetland and the sky looks like this.

I have to say I am not too convinced.


2 thoughts on “A Box

  1. Sam

    Very few things are more fun to watch than a cat high on catnip. Yours at least seems to sleep it off in the box that might still have lingering catnip smells. As a kid, our cat at the time would get the munchies. So we 4 would see what odd things he’d eat. Creamed spinach mixed with oatmeal was the worst. Love how BeAnne could not decide which tennis ball to use first. Sorry about the internet, we were 4 days without power last week, thanks to Tropical Storm Easius (sp?).

  2. diane in northern wis

    How exciting to get a box full of goodies! Lucky all of you! Especially fun to see BeAnne and Monster enjoying their new found toys. Yikes…those are quite the clouds you have there…..nothing to worry about right? Experts are always right, right? Thanks for a great blog!


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