Big and Little

Silver – he is such a dude.

Character-wise, he has come the furthest.  Last year, he was the most suspicious of everything and everyone.  He really minded about what happened to him.


Silver’s best friend is Kappi – orange Icelandic horse on the right.  They have been friends ever since they were put in the field together last spring.


Although the Minions are split up from the Icelandics for the winter, since the arrival of Tiddles, it is very obvious that Silver misses his friend, Kappi.  I had to split them because Tiddles was not strong enough to meet five healthy horses and he is also a colt, so could give off smelly signals to Taktur who can be rough at times.


Kappi obviously misses Silver, who, by the way, adores this game.

I think it is called “do you like Shetland ponies?”  The answer is “Yes, but I can’t eat a whole one!”


Silver and Waffle get on well too.  They are almost the same height and think the same thoughts.


They play a lot when the mood takes them.


Sometimes, though, Waffle is unavailable for games, due to a previous existing engagement – oh, how that muckheap calls.


You can see there is still a huge difference between Silver and Storm.


I worry about Storm.  He is not doing well this winter.  Maybe it is because I took his rug off that day and the flat fur makes him look weedy.


But Storm and Tiddles are the best of friends and another cockeral-for-size-comparison photo lets you see just how small they are.


1 thought on “Big and Little

  1. Terri

    I love all the Minions! I’m so glad you kept Silver (good call), he has blossomed under your care. Tiddles is so liddle! (geddit?) I find it interesting how “friendships” form between the individual members of your herd — they have such different personalities. Luckily, you speak “equine”! xos on all noseys….


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