Snow Life

While there is snow on the ground, we are feeding the ponies at Thordale twice and day.

So this means all everyone stands about waiting for the dessert trolley to appear (that would be one of us pushing the wheelbarrow carrying three haynets full of silage).

Inevitably, there is lots of waiting.  No one ever seems to move.

As the sun was shining this morning, we took off the rugs.  There is no wind and there is no better feeling than the sun on your back.

Everyone is always very pleased to see me – but that could be the carrots in my pockets.

Daisy rode Taktur and I met this happy little scene as I wandering around with my camera.

The snow makes everything and everyone look beautiful.

A nice change from the eternal mud.

I spent a little while taking photos of some lovely faces!

I am convinced that Lambie practices his Look in front of a mirror.

He is just so damn gorgeous.

Just like his dad!

Actually, they all are my handsome little Boyzenberries.

Shetland in winter is very beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Snow Life

  1. Carol E

    They all look wonderful. How nice to have a bit of sun. With the snow and the rock walls, it looks a bit Yorkshire/Cambrian.

    We went to visit a local farm today, where a lovely young Jersey lady calf (Hazel) is enduring being weaned. They’ve given her a lively clever goat to keep her company. The ewes are all widening, and the ram (Gerald) has mellowed now that his procreative activities have succeeded. A lovely day out!


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