Day o’ Shite

I knew tomorrow (i.e. today) was going to be a “day o shite”, so I went out last night (i.e. yesterday) with my camera last thing to see if the boys were all settled down.


It was a lovely calm and peaceful evening.  Red (ish) sky and no wind which makes a mockery of the saying “red sky at night, shepherd’s delight”.


Taktur is settling back in again. I am sure he enjoyed his summer holiday but is glad to see his old friends.

BN2A5309 BN2A5311 BN2A5313 BN2A5316

He is tolerating The Minions and I expect, and hope, them to all be firm friends by the end of winter.

BN2A5325 BN2A5329 BN2A5339

So this is last night.  All quiet, peaceful and calm. Nothing moving.


And this is today.  As you can see the field is  flooded and you can imagine the weather is vile.  I am already on my second pair of trousers having taken the aged Jack out for his walk.  He can’t half shift when the weather is bad.  I was impressed.


The horses are ignoring what is going on.  This is still summer for them and it is not that cold so they are happily stuffing their faces.  I am worried that I cannot see Storm in this photo but he is very small so probably tucked under Iacs’ belly or something. (Update – OH says he saw him on Loki’s dog walk – phew, relief).


Oh yes, and if you have ever wondered how BeAnne gets through the fences…..


Well now you know!

2 thoughts on “Day o’ Shite

    1. Frances Post author

      We will see how they go. At the moment, yes. They are growing good winter coats but if they start losing weight, I will bring them in. To start with, at the hint of rain, I would fetch them in and give them sole access to their shed. In return, all they did was wander by the fence, ignoring the shelter of the shed and ask to go back with the herd…… We will see.


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