The Boy is Back

The winter change-over happened today.

Hammy and Indy had to leave for another field miles away as Taktur was coming back to start his training again.  I know in my heart that Indy and Taktur will never live together in peace and harmony.  It is just not going to happen.


So, we put Taktur in the field and, once he had worked out how to go through the gateway (not bright, but achieved after a few attempts). he reacquainted himself with his old herd and, at long last, met The Minions.

BN2A5136 BN2A5146 BN2A5157

This is Haakon’s very cross face.

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I am keeping a very close eye on everyone as last seen, before we took Hammy and Indy away, was Taktur chasing The Minions in a rather bullying way….. not good.


But they seem undeterred and I won’t move them out unless I have to.


They have to learn how to behave and perhaps playing “Grandmother’s Footsteps” with a stallion is not the way to make friends.

BN2A5209 BN2A5214

After putting Hammy and Indy in their new field in Sandness, I went for a quick walk with Jo and Freyja out hunting (sadly Freyja was too fat and so we gave up).


Then home to see how everyone was getting on.

Haakon had a small cut under his eye and taken up with The Minions, which is most unlike him.  He usually doesn’t have any time for them.


My little boys were unhurt and seemed happy enough.


The field is big while they work out their politics and there is always a friend about.


Meanwhile, Taktur was away from the herd pooling on every pile and shouting for his lady but getting no reply.


Like I said, I am keeping a close eye on them all.

2 thoughts on “The Boy is Back

  1. Linda Addison

    I love the combination of colours when the chestnut and duns get together, and the way the minions go round in formation like a dance troupe …


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