Feeding the Stallion Routine

I was looking for Taktur in the field when I came across this little group.


It made me smile.  Kappi was taking his baby-sitting responsibilities very seriously though Waffle was wearing a blade of grass – he is like that.


Storm was sitting by himself looking enchanting in the long hill grass.


While  I was removing Waffle’s hair decoration, Kappi flopped down by my feet to nod off.


Well, he would’ve liked to have had 40 winks if he could….


But I doubt, somehow that little Storm was going to let him.


(Someone woke the children)


So I left them sitting in the middle of nowhere.

L1120089 L1120090

and eventually found Taktur waiting by the gate to be fed.  He didn’t have anything except grass while he was on his honeymoon but he has fallen back into his old routine very quickly.


Taktur has also remembered how to put his feet in the bucket to tip it up, which is a very annoying habit.  So I moved his bucket to be next to me and BeAnne and we kept him company while he ate.


He is easily distracted and tends to wander off if left by himself.


Luckily BeAnne doesn’t mind helping as she eats all the bits that fall out while he looks up to think.


I always think Taktur is my Ferdinand (my most favourite of books).

Ferdinand ran to the middle of
the ring and everyone shouted
and clapped because they
thought he was going to fight
fiercely and butt and snort
and stick his horns around.
But not ferdinand.  When he
got to the middle of the ring
he saw the flowers in all the 
lovely ladies' hair and he just
sat down quietly and smelled.
He wouldn't fight and be fierce
no matter what they did.  He 
just sat and smelled. 



3 thoughts on “Feeding the Stallion Routine

  1. Deb Twomey

    I know exactly how Kappi is feeling……I love them BUT…if they would only give me a few minutes to rest………


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