Six Months On

I was going through the photographs on my computer.  I have far too many and need to do a cull, keeping only the ones that make me say “cor”.  The weather is wild outside.  Non-stop gales.  The sea is boiling.


Being the owner of an indoor riding arena, I suggested to my OH that we worked on Loki’s special skills that have been somewhat lacking recently rather than being blown away again in the hill.


The Patterdale terriers just do their own thing when it comes to training.


Loki is changing – he wags his tail more and feels like part of our odd little family, although it is still WW3 with Wuss.  There have also been some fairly horrendous spats with BeAnne, which I am sure she is not totally blameless.  He has a very short fuse and tends to react first and regret later.


As you can see from his coat, we are slowly turning Loki into a miniature deerhound.


Jack remains, well, Jack and if he could be more doitin, then I expect he would be.  Old dogs drive you mad.  I love him dearly but he is exasperating.  He listens to his own voices, as my neighbour observed, and he constantly asks to go in and out about 50 times an evening.  Mostly he stands outside, forgets what he wanted and comes back in again only to ask again about 5 minutes later.  Gah!


Loki’s favourite game is pulling.  He has begun to instigate games with anyone who will participate.  This is another change.


There was a lull in the wind so we went outside to put into practice our last half hour’s training.

 BN2A4848  BN2A4873BN2A4874  BN2A4905BN2A4909 

The boys watched us – they are still loafing about round the house.  The wind is not tough on them as it is warm and there is much shelter.


So, remember Day 1 in mid July?


What a change!


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