Daisy’s Request

Apparently Daisy and Flossie (sisters) have been privately communicating.  This, in itself, is extraordinary as they have spent many years with swords ready.

Daisy asked Floss if she could go and take some photos of the horses for her as she misses them.  You should know that I always offer Daisy the opportunity to take one with her when she goes off to university each term.  In my humble opinion, Lyra would’ve fitted in her bedroom, no problem and I doubt anyone would notice in a student house.

So off Flo went into the field, armed with my camera to see if she could accomplish this for her dearest sister.  I must say her photos are very good and she definitely has “the eye”.

So here you are, Daisy, fill yer boots, as we say, and enjoy the photos of your silly frilly,  your wild stallion and the Comtois that seems to have appeared from nowhere.  I am rather ashamed of Klængur’s shape.  It has only taken a year and he is hugely fat.  He did not arrive that shape and appears to have eaten all the pies.  Never mind.  Perhaps it will slow him down when I get on him in the dim and distant future.

L1020054 L1020061 L1020062 L1020063 L1020065 L1020068 L1020072 L1020073 L1020074 L1020075 L1020085 L1020086 L1020089

And, Daisy, just in case you were asking, BeAnne is very well doing what she does best – trip me up by lying beside me at all times.  Jack is, well, Jack.  His language has not improved nor his disposition at bedtime.  Loki is trying very hard to be one with the sofa and he is much improved around the others.

L1020099 L1020100 L1020102

I saw Wu yesterday and he dribbled with happiness on my head as he stood at the window in the bathroom.  He is maintaining a good grudge against Loki and remains unforgiving in his loathing of all things canine.

L1020105 L1020122

We all miss you, Daisy, but keep plodding on and it will all be worth it, I promise.



2 thoughts on “Daisy’s Request

  1. Sam

    As 1 of 4 sisters very close in age, I can tell you that we stopped wanting to bash each other in the head every day when we all went to college. Needed new friends who did not know a sister to stop the blood shed. In fact my next sister down is now my roommate and best friend. Sounds like your girls are coming into their own and finding the other is not half bad. Plus Flossie’s pictures are lovely!

  2. Sarah Pape

    My older sister is my best friend but she recently tried to win an argument by pointing out the age difference. Does 2 years count now that we’re both over 50?


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