They took my horse away

Jo and Fiona came round today to take my horse away.  Gerrumph!


Haakon was happily waiting by the gate to be removed.  Where he is going, there are ladies.


Fiona went and fetched him.  You can see Haakon’s thick winter coat starting to appear and he is going to need his body fat to keep warm.  Luckily, he has reserves.


It was nice to see the old thing.  He was not feared at all by me on a mobility scooter, which he has never encountered or seen before.  He just stood there, his normal self, trying his best to not be kissed or made a fuss of.   He is like that.


Some say “the horse is your mirror”.  I think I agree.  We are very similar.L1010971

Jo wants to take Haakon’s shoes off and sort out his foot.  All summer Daisy has been treating him for white line disease and hopefully Jo can just cut out the nasty bits now.  Now is the perfect time to do this as I won’t be riding him until next year.  He can stay with her (sadly not in her house!), if he needs more treatment too.  He has not been lame at all with this.


The remaining boys are now at a loss without their leader.  I wonder who will take on the mantle?  Not an easy choice.  Maybe they will do timeshare.


Haakon loaded fine, without discussion.  I remember the days when he would take two hours to load, having kicked all the rear lights out of the trailer one at a time out of pure fury with me.  He used to swing me round with his strong neck and I would go flying when he refused.  We used to leave plenty of extra time for loading if we were going anywhere.

We cured Haakon of this when it had been snowing/thawing/snowing/thawing resulting in sheet ice everywhere.  As usual, he started to prat about, quickly realised he would break his neck and went straight in.  Ever since then, he has loaded without a fuss.


I have really taken to my scooter (and so has Her Maj).  She sits on my knee, happily resting her head on my arm while I steer and thinks this is the next best riding experience!


Apparently I look “delightfully batty” with a certain “Je ne sais quoi”!


2 thoughts on “They took my horse away

  1. John & Tama

    Apparently I look “delightfully batty” with a certain “Je ne sais quoi”!

    The hat does it for me; my family calls those Elmer Fudd hats; and when we see one we always think “Shhhh, I’m hunting rabbits!” One of my younger cousins, who was one of the groomsmen in my wedding years ago, used to shampoo his thick curly hair and then pull one of those hats down on his head to get the hair to cooperate!


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