My Favourite Shetland Pony

I can’t tell you his name because of pony politics but this is my favourite Shetland pony.

We bought him from a good stud here on Shetland.  Originally, we went to buy his brother but ended up coming home with both ponies.  I was in the field and he took my eye.  He let me talk to him and a small voice somewhere said we had to have him.

11 May-005968

We trained him to harness over a winter and could see his huge potential.  He was a clever pony who wanted to do the right thing instantly.  If he understood what you wanted and he trusted you, he would give you the world.  It was all about trust.  If I said it was ok, then it was and he believed me.


He could be wary of folk but he loved me.  When I was in the field taking photos, he would silently come to stand beside me.  Only I could catch him especially when we were camping on a showground and the announcement “loose horse – Shetland pony” was on the tannoy.  He and his friends were great escape artists.  I used to take him with me everywhere like a dog on a lead at shows because he was easy to look after while the others were in the ring.


Now I wish we had kept him but at the time he was down to be sold and we couldn’t keep all the ones we loved.  He looked stunning in harness – like a miniature Friesian and had action that took your breath away.  One special pony that I will always miss.

img2005g RHS 197-1 img2005k

I think about him often.  I hope he is happy and I hope his owners love him.  He was a dear boy, my little mini-Friesian.


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