Cuteness Contest

Well that is ‘Bert now feeling better and back to normal.  Big phew all round. Thank you for all your healing vibes for him.

Have you ever seen three sheep begging for their biccies. These delights are now off the menu as I think they might have been the cause of all the bother.

I am trying my hardest to ignore the “Winning Smiles”.

I am immune.


Anywho, here are the last of the photos from our Sunday visitors.

After the foalios, I took them all to the stallion/gelding field.

Everyone instantly noticed Newt, despite Albie standing beautifully.

Newt ruled and enchanted.

He made everyone his servants.

And accepted the adoration.

Albie had a few kisses too.

Those that came up to talk were hugged.

Albie was perhaps a little jealous.

So he “attacked” the photographer.

He tried his best to look cute.

He even tried to listen to instruction.

But mostly he ignored it!

Newt then moved in for “the kill”.

Jean, the photographer, spent time showing Newt her photos.

Of course, he appreciated this.

Meanwhile, Her Maj was now luminous green with jealousy.

Ignore BeAnne at your peril.

5 thoughts on “Cuteness Contest

  1. Margaret Robinson

    OMG! You not only have horses, now you’ve got “spoiled by love” horses! Newt at his adorable best, but then again, they’re all cute. MMR

  2. Sam

    How on earth can you resist those Winning Smiles???? They really are a sight to behold.
    Ah, Newt da Cute. He is adorable and I wonder how Albie deals with playing second fiddle to him.
    Must remember that if I ever get out to Shetland, to love Albie first. And BeAnne many, many, many times more.

  3. Terri

    Those SMILES! Good thing you’re hard-hearted, to resist their charm. 😉 Could you devise a “natural” treat for them?
    Lucky visitors! (They are obviously good-natured!)

  4. Louise Stopford

    This post is an overload of cuteness – those gorgeous sheeples and wonderful ponies (and of course BeAnne). You will definitely have to find an alternative “treat” for those handsome boys – just don’t think I could resist those little faces begging so politely.


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