Foal Visiting

Yesterday’s visitors wanted to meet everyone who lives at Thordale.

First up were the two foalios – Lilja and Dreki.

It is good for the little ones to meet people.

Lauren had brought carrots for them and Lilja proudly showed her that she knew what they were and how to eat them.

Dreki still remains highly suspicious of all things carroty and different.

He would politely take them and then spit them out on the ground when he thinks no one is looking – much to Hetja’s disgust.

My little foalios have grown a lot this summer.

As have their mothers.  Hetja and Brá have absolutely no intention of losing their baby weight.  At this stage, I do not believe in diets as they are both nursing their foals and will do all winter.  The weight will drop off them (hopefully) over the winter.

This winter, all the mothers will have is what is in their field.  No extra grub unless they need it and, looking at them, they certainly don’t.

Yes, ladies, you heard.  No extra grub!

Meanwhile, Lauren had now made firm friends with the foalios.

They showed her their nose-kissing skills – part of our foal foundation training.

And the foalios introduced themselves to everyone.

BeAnne was, as usual, very jealous.  She should be the main attraction.  It is probably Her Law.

However, the foals are very pretty.

4 thoughts on “Foal Visiting

  1. Sam

    Nice to see Foalios with good manners. I bet that carrot that Dreki spit out was quickly scooped up. Had a good chuckle over Her Maj’s snit about not being the whole center of attention.


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