A Horsey Day

Today was a day for the Icelandic horses.  Not the Shetland ponies.

Bjørn, our trainer and farrier, shod Haakon’s front.

I was tölting down the road last week when I heard a ping, a flash of iron out of the corner of my eye, and suddenly we were one horseshoe down.

I haven’t ridden Haakon since then as it is not fair to ride him lopsided.  It does neither of us any favours.

So I was glad to have my old boy shod again.  We can get back out and about.

Next up, Bjorn gave Flossie a riding lesson on Klængur.

Their aim was to manage the “pocket rocket”-ness, to get Klængur’s engine into the back and to find a more four-beat tölt.

First up, half halts.  The basis of everything.

(everyone was enthralled)

Then Bjørn had a shot to see what was going on inside Klængur’s head.

As usual, he got him going beautifully (so not fair – that depressing moment when someone rides your horse better than you do!)

But Flossie got back on and achieved so all was good.

A quick break and then Bjørn brought in his new gelding, Elvar.

Bjørn wanted a horse to ride while Elvar learned to be a hand-horse.  This is a common training technique in Iceland.

If you want to do something different, Haakon is your man.  He is brilliant at this.  He never flickers. He never says no, he is 100% trustworthy and reliable.

And after a slight uncertain start from Elvar, they were all happily circling the school in walk, tölt (and piggy pace)!  We decided the indoor school was the best place to find out if this method would work.  Next, they will go outside.

I am always very proud of Haakon when he does a job well for someone else.

**** sniff **** coz I am his Mum and I trained him since he was 3 years old.


3 thoughts on “A Horsey Day

  1. Sam

    There is no shame in Bjorn getting Klaegnur to behave. Bjorn is not family to pull tricks on. And so nice to see the boys tolting.


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