This was Floss and me yesterday.

Sóley is an unhelpful and easily distracted eater – “ooh look a fly” – and she steals from Lilja. She frequently kicks over her bucket and that drives me mad.  I hate waste and so now one of us has to hold the buckets and, for that, you get feed dropped on your head. Wear a hat is all I will say.

Meanwhile, I am looking after the old ladies who are forever being hassled.  Vitamin is better at guarding her food, while Fivla can give in.

Storm thinks if he “works the room” with his undeniable charm, I will give in.

I have yet to crack.

Ditto Albie.  A lovely smile, though.

They do have food.  They have all this….

Plus this….. surely there is a blade of grass or two in here.  They haven’t touched it all winter preferring the other field next door – the gate was always open until I shut them in here.

So, today, I cracked.

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