A Dreki Day

Lungeing today for Dreki, Daisy decided.

Without woolly help.  Thank you Edna.

Obviously BeAnne was allowed in, but only if she stayed out of harm’s way and in her bed.

Daisy has worked Dreki on the lunge, but not for a while, so he started by pretending he knew nothing about this new fangled training thing.

And then the lightbulb went on and all was fine.

I was very impressed.

Daisy walked and trotted Dreki on both reins.

He was a very good boy.

Go away, (the polite version) Lambie!

And you, ‘Bert.

You can see I am easily distracted, unlike Dreki who was totally focussed on Daisy.

After lungeing, Daisy brushed Dreki’s feet – every grain of sand is sacred to us.

And then picked out his hooves.

So that was Dreki today.  He is going along beautifully under Daisy’s training.

3 thoughts on “A Dreki Day

  1. Sam

    So either your Sheeple think they are now cart animals and want training OR they think there are magical treats inside…Well done Drekki and Daisy!

  2. Christine

    We have new footing in the arena where I ride. Sand and small pieces of felt. The owner is very adamant about hoof cleaning after riding and putting both sand and felt back where it came from. It was easier when my horse was barefoot, but with shoes there are so many more crevices! But as you said, every grain of sand (and felt bit) is precious.


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