Mercy Dash

The weather forecast is horrendous.  I am not looking forward to this next onslaught.  Perhaps it will miss us (she types optimistically).

So, after chores (the girls checked and fed the Minion field), me and my van went to Lerwick to get a good pile of hay for everyone.  If it snows like it is threatening, we will need every bale.

It is lovely hay, too. Smells divine.

The back of the van was filled – 17 bales of hay plus one of straw for sheeples.

I also managed a quick nip up and down the Street.

There were some lovely shop windows in town too.

Jamieson’s was open so I popped in there to see what my Sheeple situation was like.

I have to go in on Monday (hair cut and dentist – not sure which is worse to be honest – weather permitting) so I will return with my new improved little Sheeple families.  I hope they sell.

And then quickly home to the best sight.  Maggie is now home.  Properly.  Everything has been sorted (don’t ask – long and arduous and my fault).

The luscious ‘Bert is keeping her company while she re-acclimatises.

He did volunteer, for obvious reasons!

I was out all this afternoon (vegetabling) so couldn’t supervise introductions.

13 thoughts on “Mercy Dash

  1. Sam

    I do hope this storm misses you. Fingers crossed. Glad you have enough hay and straw now.
    And it is good to see Bert and Maggie getting along. She is lovely.

  2. Celeste

    Hurray! I’m thrilled to death that Maggie is back with you. That’s great news! Hoping you all manage just fine through the coming storm.

  3. Kate Woolley

    Oh. Francis, what can I say…..thank goodness, with snow and bad weather coming and then I saw Maggie was home ❤️ I am so happy. What you must be feeling, I just can’t imagine……I

  4. darby callahan

    I am really happy to see that Maggie is back. Fingers crossed that all is well with the coming storm.
    Just when you think Spring is finally here.

  5. Gail Lawson

    Such good news about Maggie! I’ve thought about her many times and I’m so glad she is “home” with lucious company!

  6. Lisa

    Is the hay locally produced? If you don’t mind my asking, how much do they weigh? I pay $6 for a 66lb, locally produced bale in my area.

  7. Sharon

    I’m so glad that Maggie is back with you! She obviously was meant to be part of the gang. It’s interesting how handsome ‘Bert has become her friend so quickly. I think all the boys are good looking fellows, but I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘Bert.
    I hope the weather doesn’t/didn’t get too bad.

  8. Jayne

    Fingers crossed for you for this next weather front. The wind and cold that is forecast sound awful.

    So pleased for you that the Maggie situation is sorted, and look forward to seeing her flourish and grow in the future.

  9. Shelley

    So glad Maggie’s back in the fold. I thought maybe her owner wanted her until lambing was over with but I guess you’ll have a wee sheepie afterall!


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