Coming Over

If you shout, (in a certain way), they will come!

This is Lambie yesterday, in a fit of pique over the flies and midges – he wanted inside and away from his vile flying demons.  Of course, I acquiesced.  

Yesterday, before the rain, we moved the Icelandic boys into their new field.  The time had come. Their field, as you can see, had been eaten down.  I am secretly hoping that now they have moved, the grass will do a bit of growing in our Shetland “Indian Summer”.

No one need asking twice.

Shout and they look up, assess and then canter over.

The little boys were the other side of the burn, while the oldies, who know the score, had been hovering around the gate all morning.

But enthusiasm is our middle name.

Dreki – or Tail-End Charlie, as he is known.

And you guessed it – today, it is raining so I had a little play.

So much for my Indian Summer.






6 thoughts on “Coming Over

  1. Linda Loba

    I absolutely love seeing everyone come running to you like that!
    And well done you, with your “Little Play” – especially those sheepy smiles… 🙂

  2. diane in northern wis

    Loved your little play….so cute! Isn’t Dreki handsome though? What a beautiful color and so sleek looking, following along after the others. Love your pictures, always, Frances! Thank You!


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