A Huge Relief

It was April 11th of this year when Little Cattie ran away, having been with us just over a week.

We were distraught at her absence.  All our neighbours knew to look out for her but we only had one sighting in some shed down the road and that was all.  We went to search but found no trace.  Whenever we were outside, everyone always kept an eye out for her.

So it has been five months et voilà, Little Cattie has turned up at her old home two miles away.  You have no idea just how relieved we are.  Every day, I have thought about this beautiful little cattie and wondered where she was and if she was alright.

Meanwhile, Himself, aka Monster (who arrived in the middle of April) is very settled and has no intention of moving, ever, let alone outside for five months.  To him, that would be abhorrent.

Twice daily he worships his Tin God who lives in his temple, the fridge.

Monster uses telepathy for communication – “you want to feed me…. you want to feed me…. you want to feed me.”

He also has a throne – well and truly settled here.

We are considering calling Monster “Harry Potter” for his amazing invisibility cloak (not)!

But, I am very grateful, if briefly, that we were part of Little Cattie’s life but more grateful that she has found her way back to her original home all safe and well. I hope her little holiday with us has not changed her in any way.

We live and learn.

13 thoughts on “A Huge Relief

  1. Sam

    So very happy to hear Miss Cattie has wandered home. I do hope she is none the worse for wear! And Monster seems to have the same affliction as the Maine Coons for the tiny tin gods of sustanance.

  2. vicki

    Good news re: Cattie! I wonder how those 5 months passed for her.

    Monster is looking much slimmer. I need to implement his regime.

  3. Cathy

    I am so pleased little Cattie is safe and well. Even though I was happy for Monster, so nicely settled in his new home, I kept hoping she had made her way back home. Such a pretty girl.

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Phew, what a relief to hear Little Cattie is alive and (hopefully) well! Monster is so much at home with you. He’s so handsome and obviously has character.

  5. darby callahan

    How wonderful that Little Cattie has been found safe and sound and is back with her original family. I have often thought about her and hoped she would be OK. I guess Mr. Monster was supposed to be your cat.

  6. Terri

    This makes me so happy! I’ve been wondering all along what Cattie’s fate was, but was hesitant to ask — I knew you’d tell us if you had heard any news. Will her original owners keep her? What a brave and determined little miss! Perfect timing to reach home, before winter sets in. I hope she had a pleasant, carefree summer! (if only animals could share their adventures)

  7. Marlane

    Cats are so amazing. We had one that kept returning to his home . He was a tame barn cat and when we moved our horses to a place we bought with land we took all the cats from the barn with us. The distance about 2 miles. We decided to leave him at the barn after that and he survived with out being fed by humans. and became an even better mouser.

  8. Susan O'Neill

    Love the picture of Monster looking regal on his throne. It’s obvious that you were meant to be his family. So happy to hear that little Cattie has found her way home to where she wants to be.

  9. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    Cats always know where they want to live. She probably had a good time exploring and taking her time travelling home, and now winter is coming she’s made her presence known. But what a relief to know where she is.

  10. kate woolley

    Such wonderfull news about the little bright one. Such a beautiful delicate little mite and her home must be so important to her. Well done Cattie !


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