Through My Eyes

It was my turn to check the Minions.  So I sat in their field on a pile of rocks and was instantly surrounded.

Not a bad view, really.

Everyone was very chatty.

I am sure these two are thinking up a Cunning Plan.

They lead each other on.  Always have.

Two by two the herd came over to see me.

All except one.

He grudgingly came over….. eventually.

Sort of.

Newt is a funny solitary little chap.  He likes people when he decides he likes people.  He may be the smallest of everyone in the whole world but he is the most stubborn and no one tells him what to do.

Having chatted with my friends, I walked back to the gate and was, of course, followed.

On the way home, Foula was looking very mysterious in the sea mist.

Half of it was missing.

Anywho, at home these two are getting on fine now.

A family photograph!

6 thoughts on “Through My Eyes

  1. Kerry

    Newt is a regular Naponyeon Ponyparte. Grace was figuring how to fit him on Loganair as she lost her heart to him.
    And are my eyes deceiving me, or is Monster looking a little more svelte these days?

    1. Frances Post author

      I was thinking so.

      Grace is welcome. I will stick a first class stamp on Newt’s pert but perfectly formed bottom!


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