It all went like clockwork for us this morning.  We swooped, we caught, we loaded (darling, darling Albie went up the ramp on his knees because I had parked in a terrible place and the ramp was far too steep – but up he went because I asked him – what a trier ❤️).

The big ones were all safe in their little haypark with their eyes out on stalks.  Lilja was saying to Sóley “look, look, I told you there were little ponies. You didn’t believe me!”

The first load was Vitamin and Fivla in one van with Albie and Newt in the other.  We had help. It was wonderful.

There was much showing off and prancing.

The second load was Storm and Tiddles in one van and Silver and Waffle in the other.

They rushed up and down their respective fields in happiness.

Hetja was appalled that the little ponies had come back and determinedly tried to keep Sóley away.

But Lilja was thrilled to see them all back.  She adores the Minions and is a fully paid up member of their little gang.

Newt was like a baked bean shot out of a cannon.

and then he was all handsome.

More running up and down – Lilja showed she can really move.  She has a beautiful trot and a natural tölt too.

And this is the face of someone who has absolutely no intention of listening to her mother.  Good luck Hetja keeping Sóley and Lilja away from the Minions.

So, there we are.  It was easy because we had helpers and I can’t thank them enough.  It is nice to have the little ones home.

2 thoughts on “Clockwork

  1. Sam

    Brave Albie doing what Mum asked. And Newt is very handsome! Heltja will have her hands full with 2 giggly girls flirting with Manly Minions (boys can dream, you know) prancing about. Glad you had help wrangling everyone into new fields.

    happy New Year!


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