Didn’t Make the Grade

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s Minion release that didn’t quite make the grade for yesterday’s blog, so I tarted them up in black and white in the hope they would look more arty-farty and a bit better, which I think, in retrospect, they do!

Anywho enjoy.

Newt standing still and looking ever-so handsome as well as a bit perky!

And then there is the “Wild Newt”.

And the “Motorbiking” Newt.

Everyone is galloping off together to explore their domain.  Vitamin is the one with the wonderful mane.

“Rockstar” Storm doing his stuff for anyone watching.

Is there anyone more gorgeous?  I think not.

Silver photobombing Storm.  That won’t go down well.

Storm has some lovely moves.

Silver doesn’t but still looks very handsome.

Waffle can’t be bothered with all this posing and posturing and so does what he does best….. stuff his fat little face.  That leg-in-each-corner look is not going to maintain itself. It needs constant work and attention.

And lastly darling Vitamin who looks like a show pony, even aged 25+.  She is superb.

11 thoughts on “Didn’t Make the Grade

  1. Chris Neef

    I would love to have these pictures to hang on a wall. Or even notecards. Just a thought!

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Frances Post author

      If you want me to send you the originals, please say. I can send them thru’ Dropbox. Happy to do so for a contribution towards Minion upkeep. xx

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Two days of gorgeous photographs of my favourite ponies – a brilliant start to 2020! Thank you, Frances. And a Happy New Year to you and all your family – humans and non-humans!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Beauty is as beauty does and that saying plays well for your Minions. It looks really, really cold out there.

    Here’s a toast (warmly given) for a wonderful New Year!


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