Clever Little Horse

Hjalti is doing splendidly.  He is enjoying his training and I can see his little brain a-whirring all the time.  He tries his hardest.

We keep the training sessions short, trying to do something three times a week.  Hjalti is always first up volunteering and it is lovely to see that the penny has dropped – he has finally found his purpose in life.

First, we lunged – Daisy riding and me in the middle – on both reins.

Then, when we knew Hjalti was fine about trotting with a rider on (to which he batted no eyelids), Daisy rode him around the school in walk and trot, focussing on his listening and concentration skills while giving him the relevant aids.

Always a reward to say thank you and well done.  Hjalti likes our training methods very much.

Haakon’s hoof continues to suppurate (great word) revolting smelly gunk but he smiles, and is happy with his new indoor life.

Tonight Lambie discovered the “secret” hay stash.

While the other two helped themselves to the hay in the haynet that was soaking.

Really, Lambie?  You think I don’t know?  Your Muzzah always knows.

9 thoughts on “Clever Little Horse

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Just caught up with last night’s blog – delighted that an abscess has erupted!! Much better than laminitis. It may still take a while to completely settle but hopefully you’ll be back on board just as the weather improves. Hjalti is being a little star! And as usual, Daisy is riding beautifully. How is ‘Hjalti’ pronounced please?

  2. Linds K

    As much as he’s built to cope with the cold, I’m sure Haakon will not mind being indoors out of the foul weather while he recuperates.

    Clever boy Hjalti. taking it all in his stride.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Despite all the problems, this was a funny post! A sense of humor is always good, but at a time when we are humbled by life, moments like the “hay incident” are pretty darn funny.

  4. loiuse

    so glad the patient is improving, always wonderful when an abscess pops as gives them instant relief.

    Well done lambie….


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