Always There

Every morning, bright and early, we all get up to “do the horses”.

This is our winter routine.  OH packs seven haynets with silage and puts them out ready to be emptied out – that is the day’s silage ration.

Daisy puts out the silage, swaps another horse to keep Haakon company and then she mucks out.

Meanwhile, I feed the sheep, put them out into their field, give Haakon his food, change his water and put hay into nets to start the soaking rota.

Flossie lugs endless containers of water for the horses in the field.

So we all have something to do.

And Monster comes too, shouting all the way that he hates mud, water, outside, weather, grass….. the list is endless.

Today he ventured into the stables.

BeAnne told him The Rules.

Basically, no peeing in the silage – it makes everyone cross.

Monster gazed in awe at the Mighty Haakon.

Haakon’s might was slightly diminished because he was standing with his poorly hoof in a bucket of hot water and Epsom salts.

BeAnne and Haakon go way back. They are very old friends and where I go, BeAnne is generally under my feet.

Unlike the Minions and the younger Icelandics, BeAnne always feels safe around Haakon, and Iacs. They would never do anything scary to her and she trusts them.

After sorting out Haakon for the morning, I go and clear the build up of rainwater in the drains and today Monster duly came too, shouting.

Later, I raided the fridge for old food for the hens to finish off.  Monster, again, was ever present.

And, as my morning progressed, Monster changed his allegiance to OH, who he ultimately worships.  OH was cleaning out his car to get ready to sell.  Monster ‘helped’.

Great cat. ❤️ One of us.

2 thoughts on “Always There

  1. Sam

    Trust a cat to have many, many things to comment on about what you are doing, and where’s my treat! Nice to see BeAnne just hanging out in the stable. My routine is getting yowled at in the pre-dawn hours by 2 Maine Coons singing the songs of the Very Hungry Peoples.


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